The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

LaFish 2013年9月21日下午8:00
I left my follower on wait here when i came back she wast there? HELP!!
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Modi 2013年9月21日下午8:25 
if you leave them for 3 days in game time they go home, you'll prolly find her where you got her in the first place.
Jogon 2013年9月21日下午8:26 
If you leave them too long they will go back to their original site. For instance Lydia will go back to Breezehome or Dragonsreach. If you fast travel, it only needs a short distance that will normally bring them to you or go and look for them where you originally took them on.
Familial Dysautosis 2013年9月21日下午8:56 
This is unknown to most people, but yes, if you leave a follower for 3 days they return to their origional home point. BUT most people don't know, followers can die along the way back home. EXAMPLE: you leave Lydia outside Whiterun for three days. She begins to walk back. YOU DONT WAIT OR FAST TRAVEL ANYWHERE,,, YOU JUST WANDER SKYRIM FOR 4 INGAME HOURS. In that time, because followers instantly teleport back to their home if time is wasted, she never teleported and is in turn, walking back. She could walk right into a giant camp, and get easily killed by a giant. This is hard to make sense of, but its true.
正在显示第 1 - 3 条,共 3 条留言
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