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•̪̀●́Snake Eyes•̪̀● 15 set 2013, ore 23:05
Face "color" not matching body
Hey guys, i just recently subscribed for ----> CBBE (slim edition) <----- and in the game looks great, As it should, But when u look closely, and in any Well-lit areas you can tell that the Heads of all the females are...dark in comparrison to the bodys.

If they are wearing Heavy armor, or are Armored from Head to Toe, theres no issue, but if they are wearing Fancy Clothes or a shows. and its nasty looking. Like they have a dirty face almost. I Really Like CBBE but im a Face-man and the contrast just looks horrible...

does anyone know how to fix this?
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MikuCore 16 set 2013, ore 8:43 
Use CBBE for the nexus. Install it with Nexus Mod Manager and you should be fine.
ρоѕιтяои_ 16 set 2013, ore 8:47 
Agreed...haven't had any problems with that one.
•̪̀●́Snake Eyes•̪̀● 16 set 2013, ore 10:02 
^yes just like that
Dr. Shocks . DO 16 set 2013, ore 10:22 
I think it happens when the initial npcweight [set in the savefile] is not the same as the npcweight in the mod. [Ex: CBBE may set weight at 100; when the initial weight for Lydia may have been 75; you can try "setnpcweight" to 100 on Lydia and see if that fixes the face.]

If you don't know how to do the above:
1. press " ~ " key below ESC
2. use your mouse to click on lydia [a number will popup below her].
3. type in "setnpcweight 100", hit enter
4. done
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