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revencher2 2013年9月15日 15時59分
High End Light Armor For Rangers
I have been trying to find light armor for a Ranger that doesnt look like, but is as good as dragon armor. I really like the look of the "Hunter" armor or armor that looks realistic but i cant find any armor that can compare to dragon. can anyone please help?
I am useing NMM
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Incunabulum 2013年9月15日 20時50分 
Armor of Intrigue
Scout Armor
revencher2 2013年9月16日 8時51分 
Tried it and it looks better then dragon scail but i cant get the mod to work
Gaming Miku 2013年9月16日 8時56分 
If i remember right, there was sth. like "Princess of the Woods"
and no, its not a skimpy armor. As far as i remember, you can craft the parts in different colors.
Not sure how strong it is...
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