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happs515 Sep 12, 2013 @ 8:31pm
okay so i just got done doing the quest for the thieves guild were u have to poison the batch for the brairs at the brewery in whiterun and i came across the journal from the crazy dude (im not sure fi their is a mod for this already if there is a similar quest for what im about to speak on if so please disregard this and call me dumb haha) who genetically engineered the rats or 'skeevers' well it seems he has a personal vendetta for white run and the college and what i was thinking is that perhaps his anger is so great and his dedication to his work goes beyond death and he comes back as a ghost to attack the college this could be like a questline that must be completed once you beat that thieves guild quest and the entire winterhold college questline so basically he comes back with an army of rats and when i say army i mean a large force but genetically engineered to be able to take down fully armored orc warriors and he attacks the college with this force (i figured the college would make a much cooler battle scene so to speak with all the mages lining up against their once thought to be dim witted crazed scholar-in-arms) get back to me with ideas and i would like someone who is good at making mods to take up this project due to the fact that I’ve never done it before and simply do not have the courage to do so i would be willing to help in any way i could though
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Whoa whoa whoa... Stop right there. I think I can get what your saying but I can't answer to that, I can try but its all rushed and messed up... (and no, Bad english is not a good excuse.)

Take. Your. Time. making. sentences. No need to rush.

Alright let us see... Well, I suppose it is. And I'm sorry of my comment but to be honest, great ideas like this are ignored because of how you typed. You need to work on it, otherwise people have that personal experience that "Oh, he types very poorly, his idea must be bad.".

So take your time typing it out. No rush =)

Otherwise, I think its a good idea. Why not band together a team to develop that?
Solomon Hawk Sep 12, 2013 @ 9:18pm 
From what I could translate from this, it seems like a novel idea.
happs515 Sep 12, 2013 @ 10:06pm 
i am not going to lie i had to use the restroom and was kinda rushing myself. Now i woudlnt even know where to begin to gather up a good team and thats mainly why i posted this i was orginally going to go find people who made the giant mods (like whole new towns, 4+ hours questlines, ect, ect) but i have never really used steam other for downloading my games and never contriubting to the community in any way whats so ever, and i have no clue as to how to PM people on here, although im sure if i gave it a few more minutes i would figure it out. @Xemgoa Psycho Dovahbro~♥ i am usauly pretty competent at communication and your right poor english skills are not an excuse due to the various translaters out there nowadays, and not to mention my primary language is english
happs515 Sep 12, 2013 @ 10:09pm 
i edited for your viewing pleasures all types have been corrected just did not bother putting in commas and periods which i am more than positive we can live without for the time being
Null&Void Sep 13, 2013 @ 12:22am 
I like the idea, but what if they were giant sweet rolls?
Sounds good, but I am like you I wouldn't know the first thing about building a mod. I have just enough time trying to figure out the ones I use when they may or may not make the game buggier than it was already.
shiva7663 Sep 13, 2013 @ 1:48am 
That does sounds like a good storyline; maybe you write out your ideas as fan fiction and post the story.
happs515 Sep 13, 2013 @ 9:22am 
Originally posted by Null&Void:
I like the idea, but what if they were giant sweet rolls?
that would be silly, i am trying to expand upon an idea already made in-a-way keep to the lore so to speak. alrighti think will make it fan fiction thinks for the idea after im done writing my paper for my histroy class today, ill get right on it @shiva when im done would you like to reap it and edit it/ gve me more ideas to expand upon i would love to somehow turn this into a long♥♥♥♥♥thing ya-kno-what-im-sayin
happs515 Sep 13, 2013 @ 1:12pm 
i have made the story for it i am more then open to suggestions corrections i kinda just wokred it up from scratch and there is two endings that are possible i just chose to go the good path in the story and we can dive into the evil side more....Bowers, Jonathan
Skyrim Fan fantasy
The rise of Hamelyn
‘the premise for this story takes place right after completing the quest to poisen the meady in whiterun.’
As I slew the the mad mage who was concocting the strange skeevers, I heard a voice it was like a whisper in the wind ‘I shall come back to finish my work’, said the voice, At the time I merely disregard it as my imagination playing tricks on me, but like all things in Skyrim all is not what they seem. I quickly left the meady non-the-less, to obtain my reward for commiting this deed, when I got to the inn mavan gave me my reward, I was less than impressed with it, but with her being a powerful figure I dare not voice my opinion. Then out of the blue a courier came through the door, the courier said, ‘Dear adventurer I have an urgent letter for you from the Winterhold College’. I quickly open the letter thinking what the College would want with me a thief, when I held the letter out infront of me I could not believe what my eyes beheld, a high ranking mage desired my attendance at the college, I truly wondered what they could possibly want from me, but I also dared not to pass up the chance to get a look at the Colleges wares as would any good thief would think. I quickly took a carriage from Riften to the College, not wanting to waste any time. When I arrived I was surprised to not only find the mage who sent the message but also a weary worn traveller who was an age worn argonian female. The mage quickly hurried me inside his chambers , obviously knowing my reputation as a thief, with the argonian quickly behind me, I was surprised at her speed and agility one would think that someone of that age would be slowed, but this was not your typical argonian either, as I would soon find out. The mage introduce himself as ‘Sathiliz’ as the old lady just stood in the dark corner. Then he turns to introduce her and she steps out of the shadows merely gliding to the center of the room were a fire pit was roaring, as it would seem not even raising her legs to move. She hissed her title in a ominouse voice and simply said, Seer, and then she pointed in my direction and started to say, you are the one who has slain hamelyn, and now you must fix this problem you have created!, I was startled and taken back by this proclamation, how did she know the name of the mad mage that ive just recently slew in the past few days?, and how is he still a problem? Before I could answer she stated, even in death this mad mans will cannot be extinguished and now he is more of a threat to us all then ever before! For he has come back as a lich king! Said the Seer, I was appaled by this knowledge I didn’t know too much about magic but what I did know is that the process to become a lich would not of been possible with the way I had dispatched him, there must be other forces at work I had concluded. The seer spoke again, there is a village near by a small insignificant village that wouldn’t of even been a footnote in Skyrim’s history….. until now that is this village is named Windstall there has been a ‘disturbance’ one may say that you need to look into, I was interested in this quest that I have just been handed but yet I am a thief why should I go and do the mages guild work for them, and almost like the Seer was reading my mind, she cackled and said, no worries my child there shall be great reward, no matter what you choose. That promise of loot and reward was all I needed to get me started on this strange quest of mine. I traveled east from the college out to where she had said the town would be, and what I had found was terrifying almost all the buildings were aflame, dead bodies laid everywhere being eaten by skeevers, no they weren’t skeevers for they stood on 2 legs and walked like men these here some ‘corrupted form of skeevers’ I simply walked around those that I could avoid not knowing there true potential and simply not having the desire to find out , those that I could’t I slit their throats with ease trying not to get their ……green slimy blood on me. I had made it to the only building left in town (possibly the town hall) and slipped in and what I saw took the breath from me there in the center of the room was Hamelyn ‘ the rat man’ but he was no longer alive, just like I left him last time, for his skin was decayed and riddled with boils he was kneeling In front of a tiny statue at first I could not depict what I saw but using my keen eye sight I was able to see that this was a statue to Molag Bal he was muttering ina soft raspy voice No master, we need more we need to be stronger we must have more, more, more MOOOOOOOOOOORRRREEEEEEEEEEE, and then with that he wisped away from the building. I immeidatly started to leave and turned around there standing in the door was 2 ratmen, I silently swore knowing now that I had to fight my way out, well, I said, atleast this is getting really interesting, the ratmen proved to be better fighters then most of the legionaires and storm clocks out there, Hamelyn had went a long way from his petty skeevers to this, not surpirsly sense he had sided with the Deadric lord of corruption. After dispatching the ratmen I drew my cloak about me and stepped foot in the cold snow and swiftly left to report my findings to the mage who had hired me, when I reached the college the seer was gone not surprisly enough she wasn’t very good company to begin with, the mage listen intently to everything I had to say, and then he told me to come back in 1 day for he had to do some research, I let one day pass without any incidences happening I came back and his face was grave he had told me that he was able to locate the lair of this ‘lich king’ and that it would be no easy task to take him down, but after the evils I had seen I could not let it go. I travelled day and night to the cave there was a multitude of rat men there I slayd everyone that I could no longer caring for secrecy knowing the evils that these creatures can commit and not wanting to risk even one escaping my divine wraith. I made it to the ante chamber which was adorned with skulls (probably from Windstall) and seen him talking to the apparition of molag bal telling him the time to strike is now this I could not allow to happen I quickly came up behind him and slashed him but he had grown powerful and the blow erely glanced off of him and a battle ensued right before I slayed him molag bal came to me and said, you have fought well and now I shall give you a choice corrupt the mage that this mad man so desired to destroy that he sold his soul to me and I shall grant you a powerful artifact of your choosing, he will be attacking the college shortly you have killed but a small portion of his army, and there will be more at the college. I denied this offer with much rage in me ans swiftly made it back to the college were I seen a massive battle unfold in front of my eyes I quickly charged in, unlike me considering my stealthy trade, and fought well I made it to the wizards chamber who had hired me and I heard two voices one of the Seer and one of Molag Bal, both saying the choice is your, and with that choice I quickly slayed the lich king easily along with the help of the mage, the battle for the college had been won, the Seer then mareitialized (I forgot how to spell it) in the room and then revealed her true nature to me, she was the god Magnus, and he spoke but, no longer through the mouth but in my head and said, you have done the world of magic a great favor today and for that will bestow a blessing upon you that you will forever carry with you until the end of your days
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