G20 2013년 9월 10일 오전 12시 53분
Ratings? Not Bothered? BOTHERED?
Why rate? The usual reasons I hear not to are 'can't be bothered', 'who cares about ratings' even 'Horse ♥♥♥♥♥', the reasons for rating I hear include 'why not' 'it's just a click' 'lazy not to'.
I'd like to stay impartial in this discussion (or play devils advocate), only because i fear abuse (or not). I think it's an important subject for modders and players to concider and is worthy of discussion, maybe convert someone of the opposite perswasion and hopefully encourage some community spirit.
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G20 2013년 9월 10일 오전 1시 05분 
Modders Usually find it more important,
G20 2013년 9월 10일 오전 1시 07분 
I think everyone should have a go at modding.
kellydeanimator 2013년 9월 10일 오전 2시 21분 
I think it's good to rate things It lifts peoples spirits to do more ! :)
Major Moolah 2013년 9월 10일 오전 6시 11분 
Hmm. I think modders are creative people. And creative people need an audience, and this is not narcissism or being hungry for attention. Even those guys and gals with Nobel Prizes want people to read their books and rock stars want to perform live etc. Giving a rating is like giving applause
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