Andrin 2013年9月9日下午10:25
How could I get my unique weapons back?
I had a few Daedric Artifacts, unique weapons, set in display cases in my armory room in my house. The cases open themselves and the items inside are glitchy. I've had them appear half out of the case before. This time the item is completely gone. What is the command to turn clipping off so I can check under my floor? That worked once before.
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Jela'n 2013年9月9日下午10:37 
try the tcl command.
Andrin 2013年9月9日下午10:41 
i found the item. it was wedged in a crack behind the cuboard. what is the clipping command? tcl?
Jela'n 2013年9月9日下午10:46 
Yes, tcl that all you need to type in the console.
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