The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Mrna Frna 2013年9月9日上午9:22
DLC worth it ?
I'am a big fan of the Elder Scrolls collection and I'am about to buy the Skyrim DLCs because I often like these parts more than the normal campaign ( Like in Oblivion ). So my questions are:
- You bought and played the DLC's ? Was it fun to play and at the same time intresting to hear the new story?
- Whats your favourite one (Dawnguard , ... )
- Annnd my final one is : How is the crossbow =3 ?

Thanks for the answers =)
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AlphaDiode™ 2013年9月9日上午9:28 
I have all the DLC, but I haven't played any of Dawnguard yet. I completed the main questline in Dragonborn and thought it was a bit on the short side, but there's lots of other stuff to do on Solstheim. Solstheim is also a pretty dreary place compared to the Skyrim mainland and it can get to be kind of a drag wandering through the ashen wastelands. I really like Hearthfire though and find it quite useful once you have your house fully upgraded. Haven't tried the crossbow yet but I have a number of bolts in my inventory.
Trigger 2013年9月9日上午9:31 
hell yes they are worth it
Trigger 2013年9月9日上午9:33 
Dragoborn D.L.C. makes you awhole alot stronger as the dragonborn
wowszer 2013年9月9日上午9:42 
Well, new story is not quite the right thought. Causes lots of confussion with some. DLC adds new quests, features to the original game. The original game is still there, just that more to it. Usually doen't appear till level 10.
A toss up between Dawnguard and Dragonborn, Vampire Lord and Serena and quests for the first, and new island added to latter. Hearthfire adds houses, gardening (for alchemy ingrediants).
Personally, Inever use the crossbow, use the bow if necessary, as not my fighting style.More sword, charging in.
STR8_M40BALLER 2013年9月9日上午9:55 
I mostly sped through the DLCs but they sure do seem fun.
[DFC]Richard 2013年9月9日上午10:11 
It's worth picking them all up, even if you wait until there is a decent sale on.

Dragonborn has the most extra stuff that isn't directly involved in the DLC's main quest.

Crossbow can be seriously overpowered at low level, at least if you so the missions to unlock the enhanced dwarven crossbow. Even just middling smithing and enhancment can make it into a one-hit-killer against most common enemies.
I played and beat both DLCs.
I liked the main quests of each DLC [although each DLC also includes a ton of additional quests; the Main Quests of the DLCs just refer back to the main Skyrim Quest of you being the Dragonborn, or you being a Werewolf/Vampire].

--Dawnguard took me about 20 hours to do everything. The land is an extension of Skyrim.
--Dragonborn took me 33 hours to do everything. This DLC adds an entirely new worldspace [Solstheim].

If you intend to use mods; then getting the DLCs [even Hearthfires] is required; as more and more mods are requiring the user to have the DLCs in order to use those mods.
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TITOMOSQUITO187 2013年9月9日上午10:53 
Not only are the decent by themselves, all the stuff they add expand the game much more in the modding community too. Without having them you lose out on a lot of the better mods, or at least their full potential.
~Ren~ 2013年9月9日上午11:53 
I think so. I enjoyed Dawnguard more but Dragonborn was also fun to play.
Rabidmabel 2013年9月9日下午12:55 
Every dlc is worth it, no question about that.
I havent tried the dawnguard or Dragonborn dlcs but hearthfire is alot of fun because i can have a nice house without it being in a town instead it looks over this awesome lake so i recommend hearthfire it really is worth it
Chiberatsu 2013年9月9日下午4:08 
I never finished dawngaurd but Dragonborn was so fun and added alot more to the normal expierience,they are definitely worth it.
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The Doctors Wife 2013年9月9日下午11:04 
Dragonborn is the best, imo. I was interested in Dawnguard until they made me turn my hubby into a vamp and my powers made my skin burn like a yeast infection. Hearthfire is alright but the houses are not that much better than the houses you can buy in the city, and having adopted kids is about as boring as having a husband. that said, I'm still glad I have them all; I'm just less enthused about some than others.
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