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patandspooky 2013年9月3日 11時02分
is there a point to the thieves guild quests
or are they just busy work?
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Trigger 2013年9月3日 11時14分 
destroy the thieves guild is an awesome mod on the nexus, if you want to kill them off and you can also kill Maven Blackbriar;; if you use this mod-be sure to read up how the mod works, certain things have to happen at certain times. have fun
la la la 2013年9月3日 11時18分 
ты ♥♥♥♥♥♥ня
Cerramir 2013年9月3日 11時21分 There's no point. You don't get anything. It's in the game for no reason. All fluff. Go ahead and skip it.
Bloke Excellence 2013年9月3日 11時24分 
Well when i play the game i try to rp it so yes try everything in skyrim.
Trigger 2013年9月3日 11時31分 
your profile tells me you are new to the awesome game of Skyrim, i recommend you play the Vanilla game of Skyrim first, and the only mods you should use are the unoffical patch's for Skyrim and her D.L.C.'s. the thieves guild questline is long and boring-about 50 jobs to do before you become leader of the thieves guild
Mango 2013年9月3日 11時45分 
never mind, though you mean whole quest line ;)
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Mr. J.D. Gumby 2013年9月3日 12時08分 
I assume you mean the various Jobs from Vex & Delvin? Do 5 of those (you can do one from each of them at the same time, which speeds things up) in Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude or Markarth and you'll get a special quest from Delvin for that city. Do that quest and 3 very nice Thief Cache barrels will show up around the town and the Cistern'll look nicer. For Windhelm (as long as you choose the right options) and Markarth, you'll also gain access to a fence to sell your stolen goods.

The main Guild storyline will give you 5 more fences (as long as you don't kill Gulum-Ei and talk to again once your final storyline conversation happens and do Tonilia's quest after three special missions from Delvin), bringing you to a total of 8 fences (though three are luck-based to encounter, so can't be relied upon) who have *4000* gold limits, making them the best merchants in the game.

Unless you're heavily into RPing in Skyrim, heading to Riften and joining the Thieves' Guild is probably one of the best things you can do with your character, especially if you craft...
patandspooky 2013年9月3日 12時19分 
Thanks J.D. I geuss i'll keep plugging away at them. i assume they dont repeat then?
wowszer 2013年9月3日 13時40分 
As you do more quests and get those right 5 quests done in a city, a special quest will pop up from Delvin. Complete that one and a new merchant will appear in the Cistern. Eventually 4 specials are done and 4 merchants. Makes the theives guild the best place to get rid of high value loot.
ReallyMeanGoldfish 2013年9月3日 13時50分 
They will put some coin in your pocket early on. Other than that, I hate the thieves guild. Most of the members suffer from the " run your mouth" disease. It make me want to stick a sword in their pie hole.
Maybe I have anger issues.....
shiva7663 2013年9月3日 14時36分 
The Vex & Delvin jobs are a good way to practice for some of the more challenging parts of the Thieves Guild main quest.
Jela'n 2013年9月3日 14時45分 
I really enjoy the Thieves guild quest's.As my character is a pure thief, I feel quite at home there.
Brandybuck 2013年9月3日 17時50分 
The Thieves Guild side quests are HOW YOU GET TO BE GUILD MASTER! If you think you're the guild master just because you defeated whats-his-face, think again! You need to do five jobs in each city, with a special quest for each one, and you get your actual promotion and fancy uniform.
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Mr. J.D. Gumby 2013年9月3日 20時11分 
Yeah, but being Guild Master only gives you mediocre armor (especially if you're not a Smith and therefore can't improve it to make it tolerable) and a loot chest that doesn't give much useful and which only restocks if you stay away from the Cistern for a looooong time so that the place resets (10 in-game days?), a pain if you regularly return with loot for Tonilia...
Jela'n 2013年9月3日 20時32分 
Once you complete the special job's there will be other fences for the stolen stuff.
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