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Sixah28 2013年9月2日 13時34分
This is for ppl whohave it on ps3 pleas help URGENT
i bought dawngaurd on psn yester on 9/1/13 and i downloaded it and insalled it and i launched it but in the main menu were it says downloadable content it said no dlc installed and i played the game there was NO volkihar castle so i turned off my styem and turned it back on and got same ruslts and i tried to uninstall it and re install it but when i went to playstation store to the download area it shwoed that i still need to download it and i did and got the same result and I WENT ON OMEGLE FOR SERCH FOR HELP AND GOOGLED ALL MY QUESTIONS i tried almost every thing if you know how to FIX THIS PLEAS PLEAS HELP ME ANY THING WILL HELP LINKS YOUR OWN KNOWLEG THANKS
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Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年9月2日 13時53分 
I think Volkihar castle has to be discovered [it's in the upper left part of the map]; as it does not automatically appear

Also, it may not appear until you get to a specific part of the Dawnguard quest [which starts at around level 10].
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Seerk 2013年9月2日 14時39分 
If you hear guards talk about vampires and ow scary they think the nights are and such, the DLC works... Also, if your game comes from a different region that you live in, that's the reason it doesn't work. For example, if you live in Europe and you get the version from the USA the DLCs you buy don't work because they're not meant for that region. Happened to me once...
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Sixah28 2013年9月2日 15時10分 
im level 10 and the gaurds dont ever mention the vampires and i want to be one and also i serched the north west
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SENTAR 2013年9月2日 15時25分 
yea you have to be a certain level to access it, if you are high enough, and no gaurds are talking and neither castles have appeared, check your harddrive to see if its even there.
honestly I am not suprised this happened on the PS3 version, the PC and 360 version are far superior, bethesda really just said f♥♥♥♥ it when they made the PS3 version
SENTAR 2013年9月2日 15時25分 
Haxis27 の投稿を引用:
im level 10 and the gaurds dont ever mention the vampires and i want to be one and also i serched the north west

the castle is on an offshore island btw check if you can see a big black castle in the distance
Sixah28 2013年9月2日 15時26分 
Sixah28 2013年9月2日 15時28分 
do you need to be level 10 to see the castle
SENTAR 2013年9月2日 15時30分 
Haxis27 の投稿を引用:
do you need to be level 10 to see the castle

no since it is just a location not a questline, if you ahve the dlc it should appear, also if you happen to see a book called the aetherium wars, that also means you have dawngaurd as it is a epic side quest if you read it.
SENTAR 2013年9月2日 15時31分 
also eventually upon entering a city a dawngaurd soldier should attempt to recruit you, and if you see random vampire attacks on settlements it also indicates you have the dlc
Sixah28 2013年9月2日 15時34分 
im luanching skyrim right now

Sixah28 2013年9月2日 15時35分 
i looked were it sayed dowloadable content
its icodgaurd
SENTAR 2013年9月2日 15時36分 
provided you are the right level you could go to fort dawngaurd yourself way to the southeast past riften
Sixah28 2013年9月2日 15時37分 
how do i oin the vampire faction
SENTAR 2013年9月2日 15時53分 
you actually have to join the dawngaurd first and complete the first few missions then when you visit the vampire castle( I am with holding spoilers) you betray the dawngaurd
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Sixah28 2013年9月2日 16時05分 
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