Valdarious 2013年8月28日上午7:39
No Skyrim cards under my account?
Do cards disappear over time or did the cards start just recently with Skyrim? Skyrim has more played time logged than any other game I own. I have over 350+ hours played time and no cards. It has been a little while since I played but I put a lot of time into the game.
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Anarchisteve 2013年8月28日上午7:42 
The cards are a fairly recent addition. If you go to your profile and click "cards" it will tell you how many drops you have left for each game.

Cards don't expire.
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Major Moolah 2013年8月28日上午7:43 
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Cards do expire.

They do? I did not know
Valdarious 2013年8月28日上午7:44 
Ok, I guess I stopped playing for they started the cards as I do not have any cards for the game.
Anarchisteve 2013年8月28日上午7:46 
Sorry about that, I didn't notice my mistake. I meant to say they don't expire.

I've altered that post to correct it.
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Major Moolah 2013年8月28日上午7:49 
Thank you Anarchisteve
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