clthomps 2013年8月28日上午5:52
I can't get spellbreaker
So I'm having all sorts of trouble with the "Only Cure" quest. First off, my objective says to kill Oleanader or whatever his name is, when I kill it the quest doesn't update and it says I still need to kill him even though he is dead. So, I used the consol command to set that part as done and then I'm suppose to go talk to Peritite, when I go up to the shrine and talk to him and go through the whole thing, he doesn't give me the shield.

What do I do? I've searched and stuff but no specific fixes work (I've reloaded the game and tried multiple times but nothing changes).

Any help is appreciated!
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clthomps 2013年8月28日上午7:59 
Any thoughts/advice?
Cerramir 2013年8月28日上午8:06 
I've had a few quests do this to me as well. Looked around but couldn't find anything to help. Just says kill the boss, snag the key, ride the elevator up, fast travel to Peryite, inhale the fumes to commune, and he congratulates you and hands over the shield. Don't see what you're doing wrong. I'm guessing you tried using Google-Fu to see if this has come up before? Good luck.
🍞 Miku Wonderbread 🍞 2013年8月28日上午8:10 
You caqn always get your spellbreaker through console commands like coc qasmoke. Not the best option but neccesary if nothing else helps.
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