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the_dead_link 2013年8月28日 5時51分
Skyrim loading game problem
So I own Skyrim, bought it at Wal-Mart. I tried playing it this morning and after it does the Bethesda Game Studios load screen, it just completely exits the game. That really pisses me off. Is there something wrong with Steam?
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Don't feed the ducks™ 2013年8月28日 6時02分 
Do you have any mods installed? If yes then it is a mod issue. Reply so I can guide you through how to solve the issue.
the_dead_link 2013年8月28日 6時13分 
It's just after the Bethesda Game Studios load screen comes up and then it closes out of the game. And I do have mods installed
wowszer 2013年8月28日 7時33分 
Download Boss, install and run it. It will reorder your mods correctly. Mod order has more effect than bad mods.
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