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Manthony Higgs 2013年8月27日 23時02分
Crash to desktop after start.
Hey guys, i tried running this in windowed mode, and now no matter what rez/ mode it's in, it crashes after teh bethesda game studios logo. No error messages. Cant e my mods because they didnt cause any issuesup to this point. Any solutions?
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The Doctor 2013年8月27日 23時03分 
un subscribe from atleast 2 mods
Manthony Higgs 2013年8月27日 23時05分 
Didn't fix it.
The Doctor 2013年8月27日 23時06分 
re download it, im telling you all the things i did when that happened to me, they worked, for a little
Manthony Higgs 2013年8月27日 23時06分 
I'd rather not reinstall, thanks. ANyone have real advice?
The Doctor 2013年8月27日 23時07分 
well screw you too
Puchina 2013年8月27日 23時10分 
verify intergrity cache?
Manthony Higgs 2013年8月27日 23時11分 
How does one do that?
Tazuna 2013年8月27日 23時19分 
Check out the load order of your mods. Usually a bad load order causes this problem.
Manthony Higgs 2013年8月27日 23時20分 
Can't be teh load order, it's teh same as before I changed it to windowed mode.
Kelvy 2013年8月28日 1時33分 
If you have your load order correct in esm's, texture packs, unofficial patches then your esp's then you should be OK!. BUT if you load two esps that are simular one will clash with the other to sort that out use NMM. (remember mods are made from different modders and they can vary)
PS the load order has to as stated in first line.
fran25 2013年8月28日 2時50分 
I agree with Kelvy someone could have changed a mod. Or your load order is probably wrong.

Have you added any mods take them off and see if it runs.
Atlas 2013年8月28日 5時23分 
Same problem here. Yesterday everthing worked fine, now i have the same CTD after the bethesda logo, i didn't change anything and the mod actualisation was last week. Yesterday everything was fine, now everything is ♥♥♥♥ed up.
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