Tetrix 2013年8月27日上午11:52
Crashes, need help
every time I try to play the game it crashed, works for 10 seconds and them it crashes. please help me
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Tetrix 2013年8月27日上午11:55 
sry I dont have many details but the game simpy crashes out of nowhere
DerAlleinTiger 2013年8月27日上午11:58 
Do you have any mods installed? Are you certain your computer matches the game's required specs? Have you tried verifying the game cache? These are just the standard things to go through. The problem may be even deeper than any of these, but it's a start.
Tetrix 2013年8月27日上午11:59 
i uninstalled all my mods
DerAlleinTiger 2013年8月27日下午12:07 
Try loading up a new game. Even though you've uninstalled all your mods some of them may be required to play the older saves. And if those mods are what's causing the problem in the first place, then I'm sorry to say that you're SOL on using those older saves.

Just for investigative purposes, however, try loading up a new save game from the very beginning. If it still crashes, then you know it likely doesn't have to do with the mods (though I wouldn't completely rule it out).
Tetrix 2013年8月27日下午12:12 
I thinks I solved it by turning uninstalling norton, no idea how they relate but now the game works
Stoob 2013年8月27日下午1:05 
Having superfluous stuff running in the background can make this memory hungry game bawk, particularly if running mods with HD textures.
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