Buckaroo 2013年8月25日 7時31分
Is there a mod that adds sheaths for two handed weapons?
I love me some two-handed weapons but I hate the fact that they're basically floating behind your back. Where as one-handed weapons actually have sheaths.
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staudtcj 2013年8月25日 8時15分 
Here's one for greatswords: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5624/?
Cat Daddy 2013年8月25日 8時29分 
Whats the mod that puts the X2 standard swords (when you dual wielding) on your lower back? i havent been able to find ANY mods that move the dual weidling swords onto your back anywere

Yet i have seen loads of pictures

Any help? i just hate the fact my 2nd sword seems to vanish into thin air when i put it away
AmishMilitant 2013年8月25日 8時49分 
Buckaroo 2013年8月25日 11時37分 
staudtcj の投稿を引用:
Here's one for greatswords: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5624/?

Cheers, mate. :)
Cat Daddy 2013年8月25日 11時40分 
is there one that DOESNT require SKSE? i cant get SKSE running correctly...probably because of the 250+ mods i got working. Im having enough trouble getting puppet masters and pretty idols to work together correctly
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