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I got hearthfire but I can't acsess the content when I play skyrim
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For some reason, my head saw that as a mod.

I need sleep. So, did you check that the dlc is checked and appears in your plug ins list?. (in data files of the game launcher window)

Also, a courier will approach you during the early stages of levelling your character up. I think it is level 10 you get aproached by a courier and he hands you a note from a Jarl, inviting you to see him. That's hearthfires.. I have never had any probs myself with any of the game apart from a couple of bugs and I'm in 1000+ hours.

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Refresh the page if you see a thread link. It has been edited.

Also, go look by the banks of lakes, if you come across a clay deposit, you have hearthfires running in your game.
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I purchased it no courier has approached me it says it is installed but no content from the DLC is showing
What level are you?

Have you looked for clay deposits?

How long has it been since installing, game-hours wise?
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85 or something
You should be approached by a courier. Go to the nearest town.
I'll try again my dragonborn DLC works
wowszer Aug 24, 2013 @ 5:32pm 
You purchased the land, now you have to build the house. You will have enough material to build a small section of the house which will evenyually become your entranceway. Check out the chest for beginning material, but you will have to purchase/find more to build more additions. Also check around your lot, there are sites to get some of the material, but logs/wood will have to be purchased from any sawmill in Skyrim.
yeah I can't buy land do the quests to be able to purcahse land
Well, if you already know the score (like what I blathered on about above) then.....hmm, maybe have a go at installing the Hearthfires patch, section 1 in here:

Now, a dude mentioned that it interfered with his game...but it fixed a few things. I suggest you copy your saves...(also explained how to do that in there) then install the Unofficial Hearthfires patch mod.

Personally, something isn't sounding right, but there have been so many reports of ''I can't do this or that with Hearthfires'' that I can't help thinking it is riddled with bugs. It might be the fact that you are so far into the game that the bugginess is more apparent, as I have had zero problems with all DLC, nada...and I am only level 28.

Sorry I can#t be of more help, but have a go at installing the Patch, see if you can do the missions for the Jarls. Before you do anything, ....Are you doing it right, yes?...I mean, are you plaing the game by the book, following the game's instructions properly?
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amsweitzer Aug 24, 2013 @ 6:11pm 
Try doing missions for jarls they authorize you to purchase property the courier thing happens when you reach lvl 10. But if you are having issues you could backup your game delete the hearthfire .esp from data folder and then reinstall it.
I have tried that
Now that you have installed that DLC, try verifying integrity of the game files cache from your library options on right clicking on the game Skyrim...

Other than mods screwing up your game, I am limited to solutions I'm afraid.. as I'm just a novice myself. Best of luck with it :)
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