Disrespect 2013年8月22日 19時31分
can't play skyrim in offline mode.
I could do it before! Now I don't know what to do. i want to play Skyim without internet!!!
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grimus 2013年8月22日 19時56分 
steam tab left corner of this screen, click go offline? and no i'm not being a smartass, its that you're not providing much info.
Disrespect 2013年9月2日 17時40分 
Oh, right, sorry lol yeah I did that already. still wouldn't work. I thought that's all I had to do, that and making sure there were no game updates like it says online, but I don't know where to check it. I've tried looking in my games library (again like the steam tech support said) but still no help.
grimus 2013年9月2日 18時11分 
you mean right click on game in libaray, click on properties, click updates tab, check/uncheck enable steam cloud box and/or the link at the bottom of that screen?
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Disrespect 2013年9月3日 19時22分 
Oh right... right click... My God I don't think sometimes. Thank you bro!
grimus 2013年9月3日 21時20分 
loll, been there, done that, though i blame it on old age.
Disrespect 2013年9月4日 11時56分 
Ah yes lol I suppose I'm getting there too X)
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