threefoldmind 2013年8月21日 11時05分
Why does skyrim keep reloading?
So I went into Blackreach and killed people in the Silent City in order to get elf blood (Got some Orc and Falmer blood) I come out through Ratand (sp?) and it loaded into the world and kept loading back in and has now overwritten every single autosave.
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threefoldmind 2013年8月21日 11時34分 
Sorry the Lift's name is Raldbathar.
clthomps 2013年8月21日 12時36分 
Had that same issue. Some of the entrances/exits to Blackreach are bugged badly. Your only real option is to revert to earlier save and do not use the Great Lifts to access blackreach. Don't even activate them.
Stania 2013年8月21日 12時48分 
Deactivate automatic savegames before using the lift, activate them after you get out of it.
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