Sickamore 20 Ağu 2013 @ 10:04pm
Skyrim Crashing to Desktop
Alright so recently I bought Skyrim and all the DLCs and I just started it up and not 15 minutes into the game it crashed to desktop. So I started it again having to go through the intro and it crashed again! It's happened three times now and I need a solution. I also don't have any mods if it matters. Much thanks
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grimus 20 Ağu 2013 @ 10:13pm 
from steam's help pages, trouble shooting game crashes: (blue high-lighted print link to further help/info.)
also your dlcs should load dawngaurd, hearthfires, dragonborn, then the highres texture packs 1,2,3, and fix.
Sickamore 21 Ağu 2013 @ 12:28am 
Working now thanks
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