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C-130 rollin' down the strip 2013年8月20日 16時42分
Whats the point of getting married?
As far as I can tell its almost completely pointless to get married other than to have someone cook or give a small bonus. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being married to Lydia but I just don't really see the point.
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Enig 2013年8月20日 16時48分 
Well besides the meager bonuses you gain from having a spouse it can be "immersive" if you play the game with an RP mindset. You may not get a relationship as deep or involved as you would experience in games like Dragon Age or Mass Effect, but at least its something.
Brandybuck 2013年8月20日 17時01分 
It's a roleplaying game. Stuff like this is for the roleplayers.
ARmodder 2013年8月20日 17時04分 
I have to say you can't compare this too Fable 2/3 lol!
Kinarr 2013年8月20日 19時36分 
If you get married, your adoptive children have a mother to care for them while you are off fighting dragons.
Besides, true heroes don't have sex before marriage.
DrewReaLee 2013年8月20日 19時46分 
Because some hardcore fan will complain why Skyrim didn't have marriages. Players will complain about anything/everything. Bethesda puts some of these trivial features to cover their tracks.
Silverfishv9 2013年8月20日 19時57分 
So...what your saying is it's like a real marrige?
Kinarr 2013年8月20日 20時06分 
This is fun.....
Yeah, but remember to take off all your armor before you hop into bed wth her.
Mr Windblade 2013年8月20日 20時30分 
Well, filing your taxes jointly can earn you a bit of credit as it changes up the tax brackets. If you make 40k a year single, you pay way more than folks who make 40k combined.

Also, healthcare benefits work out differently for people with a legal, valid marriage. Health insurance will see your relationship and offer you package deals, as well as the fact that your spouse can make legal decisions regarding your healthcare should you become incapacitated.

Your spouse can also help you bury any of your murder victims and/or cook them for you to eat, as a spouse is not legally obligated to testify against another spouse, similar to the way you are not obligated by the law to incriminate yourself.
Incunabulum 2013年8月20日 20時56分 
Tax breaks.
Lithari 2013年8月20日 21時23分 
Some people just are not RP'ers.
Shelt 2013年8月20日 21時35分 
Free money, and your spouse makes a good blood bag if you're a vampire

. _ .
C-130 rollin' down the strip 2013年8月20日 22時28分 
Jamie の投稿を引用:
Some people just are not RP'ers.
Well this is my first RPG so I'm still trying to learn the way it works.
metasyn 2013年8月20日 22時47分 
Because if you didn't have her to sass back at you, you'd have to, uh, ask something on steam and experience the backlash ;) I didn't even know you could get married
Yourevilness 2013年8月20日 22時57分 
Something to do when you run out of things to do? Might be an achievement associated with it too FYI
Kinarr 2013年8月20日 23時31分 
Blokes can even marry blokes, it's Bethesda being politically correct.
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