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Mr. J.D. Gumby 2013年8月20日 15時44分
Soulless Spiders
For some reason, none of Albino and Flame Spiders in Fort Frostmoth gave up their souls. Yes, plenty of empty gems of all denominations, and using a Soul Trap weapon (one-shotting them with my Ebony Battleaxe with trap and 20 shock damage). Anyone else encounter this one?

EDIT: They don't give any sort of message indicating that they resisted the trap (not that I've ever seen that actually result in me not getting the soul) or that they can't be trapped.
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Seerk 2013年8月20日 15時48分 
Those spiders, they don't have souls! They're work of the devil I tell you! Or, wel... some Daedra... That'd make more sense...
Robotica 2013年8月20日 21時24分 
I'm not a 100% but I think they don't fill soul gems because they are spells in the game. Just like when you kill a summoned atronach or something you don't fill a soul gem. I gather it goes along the same principle.
Big Boom Boom 2013年8月20日 21時42分 
The spiders are similar to Dwarven Mechanism, they are artificial and thus possess no souls.
Paulie 2013年8月20日 22時17分 
Albino? like extreme gingers, you should have assumed from the start they had no soul!
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