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Ultimaratio 2013年8月19日 10時56分
Can i kill Mirak now?
Been away for a while from Skyrim i plan to play it again. My question is was the Mirrak bug fixed in the meanwhile?
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r0s 2013年8月19日 11時11分 
can you ever really kill him?
Ultimaratio 2013年8月19日 11時16分 
is this a hypothetic question?
r0s 2013年8月19日 11時22分 
r0s 2013年8月19日 11時22分 
as far as a bug im unaware of one, and have iced miraak twice
Ultimaratio 2013年8月19日 11時23分 
ok thx
Trigger 2013年8月19日 11時30分 
You do not get to kill Miraak, that is Mora's pleasure, but you get to beat him down 3 times.
wowszer 2013年8月19日 12時30分 
The bug comes into play if your weapons or attacks are too powerful. Defenses don't make it come into play just power attacks. So if you play as a barbarian Nord, try using low level archery or destruction magic. This stops the jump from 20+% to 0 in one stroke. If that happens he becomes invunerable. Also if you have a lot of jewellry that boosts fire, cold, electricity etc effects, unequip them as well. Then when he drops tp lets say 17%, he calls for a dragon, absorbs the soul, now only 2 to go.
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