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rnwbart 2013年8月18日 16時23分
Serene Gerard
How can I give Serene Gerard a Gyro in Dawnguard?
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Draaf fah Hahlor 2013年8月18日 16時25分 
There are some in her satchel look around you'll find it..
rnwbart 2013年8月18日 16時34分 
I found the satchel and got the gyros(7)but I can;t find a way to give them to her
Draaf fah Hahlor 2013年8月18日 16時35分 
Are you still out where you found her, if so just talk to her the option should be there.
rnwbart 2013年8月18日 16時38分 
I talked to her she says she can;t leave until she finds some gyros.I tried talking to her and hitting inventory to give her the gyros.nope.I also tried dropping them on the ground but she doesn't find them,
Draaf fah Hahlor 2013年8月18日 16時40分 
scroll through the dialogue options, it should be there...
rnwbart 2013年8月18日 16時49分 
Didn't see any dialog options but I'll try that. thanks
rnwbart 2013年8月18日 17時07分 
I got the gyros from the satchel,then talked to Serene and when the right dialog option came up I was able to give her one. Thanks a lot,now to find then guy.
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