RedShadow523 2013年8月18日上午3:15
Skyrim stopped working help please
I have been happily playing skyrim for a while now, but up until a few days ago when i tried to open it up a message popped up saying that there where some data missing or something like that the message displayed a link bringing me to some info on the problem; it told me to exit steam then look through my steam folder, delete the appcache file, restart my computer then reopen skyrim on steam, so i did everything it said up untill the point when i clicked "play" all of a sudden anouther message pops up saying:

"failed to initialize renderer. Your display doesn't support the selected resolution. Please set a different resolution in Skyrim's launcher under 'Display Settings'."

What to do from there? I have no idea how to do any of that.
Any help would be great
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~Ren~ 2013年8月18日上午4:36 
You should be able to change the settings before you start the game, click play and you'll see the launcher that opens, play, options, data files, tech support, etc. select options and change the screen resolution there.
Shelt 2013年8月18日上午4:47 
Yeah, set the resolution there to whatever resolution is "native" to your monitor.
RedShadow523 2013年8月21日上午12:01 
ok will do thankyou for the help
RedShadow523 2013年8月21日上午12:19 
it worked thanks again
SuperSugar123 2013年11月6日下午6:18 
the window is still there for me, do you know of any other way to fix it?
SuperSugar123 2013年11月6日下午6:24 
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