The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
do u guys think this wolld run on a laptop ik fallout new vegas does i have a dell inspirion laptop 8 GB ram i5 processor and it is dual core idk if it has a video card please someone help and can someone look up if it has a video card i would like to run this game on medium settings i belive this laptop last christmas costed about $500
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I'm going to say you could probably run it at very low settings, but I wouldn't do it. It has an integrated graphics processor, not a true graphics card meant for gaming. A console would be better, and a decent desktop computer would be even better. Try at your own risk.
Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim do not run on the same gaming engine.

Cannot Compare!
He was just trying to help, thats quite vulgar of you. Integrated graphics is going to use your system ram, as integrated graphics don't have any. Texture loading will be VERY slow. Don't plan on any texture packs, and turn everything down to the lowest it goes, no AA, no AF, low LOD, low detail, just LOW. You should get 20-25 fps like this, not very playable, but at least its not a slideshow like on console.
Go on the Skyrim nexus and try downloading some compatibiliy mods that reduce/remove bloom, extra pixels, or god beams. Fallout 3/New Vegas had plenty of those, and being a gamer on a budget, I had to use plenty of mods to remove certain things in order to boost frames. Don't expect to run this game at 80+ frames on max settings or anything, you'll be lucky to get ~33 and lows of ~19. I know your pain, I have an 8GB ram and an integrated graphics chip. Try Razer Game Booster to maybe squeeze out a few extra frames.
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