abhorsen1983 2013年8月15日 21時46分
IT CROWD modifications for SKYRIM
I have a challenge for all you lovely modders out there! Now, if you haven't seen the British comedy, The IT Crowd, give it a go. You'll be quoting lines all the way to the...place of your choice. What I have been just dying to see, hear - possibly even smell, are the much-beloved main characters of Reynholm Industries: Moss, Roy, Jen, Douglas and his electric sex pants, and of coarse, Richmond. Yes, that was a horridly punctuated sentence but I'll let grammer take a powder over such an epic request. The clothes, the hair, the "sweet style" and the voices of the IT Crowd saying the hilarious things they do. Someone break all the rules and give the world this mod! I set this challenge before you!


PS: For an idea, here's the actual website. It's a hoot.
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Incunabulum 2013年8月15日 22時59分 
Skyrim already has an IT Crowd version - its in the base game. Everytime it CTD's or hangs or screws up in someway, before you get to the forum, try to turn it off and on again.
abhorsen1983 2013年8月24日 18時53分 
What's the name of the mod? I've tried searching up and down here. I can probably get it to work so long as it's not running on Vista.
Aroddo 2013年8月25日 3時15分 
You can find it here[imageshack.us]
abhorsen1983 2013年8月25日 12時09分 
The Elders of the Internet know who I am? You've got to let me have it!
Viking Warrior 2013年8月25日 12時21分 
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