The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

DoYouEvenFish? 2013年8月10日上午7:49
Help with making mods
I have some good ideas for mods but dont have the skills to make them into mods. Is there anyone who would be willing to help?
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Gollumwolf 2013年8月10日上午7:58 
no cause i have same problem
J3X 2013年8月10日上午7:58 
I would suggest getting at least a little bit of hang on mod creation, otherwise it's very hard to know how hard things are. Futhermost, most modders are very busy with their own projects.
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Maloy20 2013年8月10日上午8:04 
What J3X said man I am going to be busy on my projects for a long time so can't really help.

Google how to use creation kit and watch some tutorial videos it will help you a lot, it will take several hours of research but you will be able to put all your ideas into the game
DoYouEvenFish? 2013年8月10日上午8:12 
Thanks! I wasn't sure on how to start. Thanks again for the help.
Hippe 2013年8月10日上午8:45 
i do no man
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