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Vevo Gamer 2013年8月2日 22時48分
skyrim won't open?
i have been tryin to play skyrim for the past 5 days it jest does not open
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^2DI ^7TW^4Y^1G 2013年8月2日 22時52分 
Vevo Gamer 2013年8月2日 22時55分 
Uh.. Panic? 2013年8月2日 23時53分 
I have this problem almost every time I go to play Skyrim after not playing it for a while. I usually just screw around with all my mods, config files & verify cache until it works.
Vevo Gamer 2013年8月3日 5時04分 
which ones should i play with for it to work

Uh.. Panic? 2013年8月3日 11時45分 
I don't know which mods you have, and for me it's never a specific one that's causing a problem. I usually just screw around with all of them until I get it to work. If you've recently instaslled any new ones, disable them and see if it works.
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