The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

OneLastShot 2013年7月31日上午6:23
How to keep Skyrim intresting?
Don't get me wrong, Skyrim is amazing! But sometimes you see people with like 3000-4000 hours on there playtime! How do they keep there game intresting that after 4000 hours its still playable? I understand there are a lot of mods, I am using around 35 at this moment! But what kind of mods are there that changes your experiance so mutch you never get bored?
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Mr. マリック 2013年7月31日上午6:27 
Get a killmoves mod on nexus that lets you increase your killmoves and gets rid of other annoying stuff about it. Also play the derp song 10 hours while you play and derp the world. I have 675 hours and have over 120 mods to keep things cool so just keep lookin and addin!
Praxius 2013年7月31日上午6:30 
It's not just mods, it's how you play the game, what traits, character, choices, DLCs and piles of other things. Add the mods, custom quests, factions, caves, forts, etc and there's oodles to do.

I'm not surprised people have that many hours.

The replayability of this game is massive, especially for a single player game.
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Mr. マリック 2013年7月31日上午6:33 
If they added an option into it like minecrafts lan worlds that would be even cooler
FromanSK ☕ 2013年7月31日上午6:36 
Why, Interesting NPCs[], of course!

Don't forget that Skyrim allows you to play almost any type of character. Thus, it has, in theory, endless replay value.
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GronkeyDaMonkey 2013年7月31日上午6:37 
also some guys who look for every achievement and completing ALL quest plus add ons
Trigger 2013年7月31日上午11:08 
3741 hours and i can't stop, even went to see my doctor and he couldn't find anything wrong with me
Zaiyre 2013年7月31日上午11:13 
Jack 2013年7月31日下午12:09 
all matters on the mode i just play on master mode to keep things intresting and longer fights lol
Septem... 2013年8月3日下午12:51 
All I do is just explore forget missions
FurryGuyJeans 2013年8月3日下午1:05 
Without adding mods to the game you can explore all over the map instead of just going from quest location to quest location. I've played the game for over 1,100 hours without completing any major quest line, by wandering around I still find new things/places/NPCs I didn't know were in the game.
The Shining 2013年8月3日下午1:26 
just stop fast travelling and explore the world, worked for me.
Septem... 2013年8月8日下午7:45 
explore and getting your but woped buy freakin creatures is awesome
Shelt 2013年8月8日下午7:58 
Each time you start a new toon, make a new town your starting point for quests/home base.

Last time, I started in Markarth for example, and bought the house there eventually.

引用自 Crayon Pop
just stop fast travelling and explore the world, worked for me.

Also this. Buy a horse, get a companion / spouse, get that Frostfall mod, and just camp outdoors at night while you move around.

There are also some astounding unique quest mods, like Falskaar, Helgen Reborn, and the series by Thirteenoranges.
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