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El Octavius 2013年7月27日 0時37分
Skyrim wont start
When I press "play game" it says prepering to lanch but doesn't. How can I fix this problem?
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Moose Knuckles 2013年7月27日 1時54分 
Have you tried waiting until a black screen in the corner opens up? Thats how it works with my skyrim but is probably different for others. If it dosn't open after at least a minute, then you have a problem that i personally can't help but someone else might be able to.
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Hailey 2013年7月27日 2時01分 
Try it again in windowed mode.
Roscleary 2013年7月27日 2時09分 
Check your mods, my game wouldnt load after subscibing to a mod, when I deleted the mod the game loaded ok again...
Bread Miku 2013年7月27日 3時37分 
Sort your Mod loadorder with BOSS
Rabidmabel 2013年7月27日 9時38分 
Is it trying to download/upload/link to save data?
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