The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Marcy 25 лип 2013 о 20:30
Missing wrists on "Faendal's outfit" in first person? (Vanilla clothing)
I've noticed that in first person, when wearing the same outfit that Faendal in Riverwood wears, I have missing wrists. Only in first person though. I've got rid of any body alterations for males, but with no luck. Does anyone know if this is a bug in the game? It really pisses me off, because I like the outfit. If so, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Bethesda, fix your stuff.

As you can see it's fine when unequipping my character's clothes. I'm stumped!
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Rip Van Winkle X 25 лип 2013 о 20:34 
It's a model error. Could be because they did test it but was to busy or forgot to fix it. But I never wore it so that's what I am guessing.
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Marcy 25 лип 2013 о 20:36 
That's what I assumed too. I'm beginning to like Bethesda less every day. It's understandable that a game like Skyrim has glitches and bugs, but this is so obvious that it shouldn't exist.
ElvenInferno 25 лип 2013 о 20:53 
You stole his clothing? O_O
Marcy 25 лип 2013 о 20:57 
Цитата допису InfernoElf:
You stole his clothing? O_O

No, It's not really Faendal's outfit, but since he's pretty much the first NPC to encounter who wears this, I call it his outfit. It's just one of the casual outfits.
Dogtor Soft Puppy 25 лип 2013 о 22:50 
It is caused by this mod
But the latest version shouldn't have that issue.
Marcy 26 лип 2013 о 0:21 
Цитата допису Dr. Dog ᴹᴰ:
It is caused by this mod
But the latest version shouldn't have that issue.

Caused by that mod? I don't even have that mod, or any mod that does something similar. o.o
Dogtor Soft Puppy 26 лип 2013 о 11:08 
Oh..I thought you did because I had a person report the exact same problem when using the mod.

There is something definately up with farmclothes02 (and variant) compared to other vanilla clothing. If you open it up in the Creation Kit, an error pops up saying a model is missing or something like that. But my knowledge on this is very limited..
Marcy 26 лип 2013 о 14:26 
Right, that's exactly what I mean. I think it's a shame that Bethesda didn't fix this. How can you overlook something like this? I can understand a misplaced rock, or getting stuck in something in that huge terrain, but THIS? A piece of clothing? C'mon Bethesda, really?
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