Marcy 2013年7月25日 10時34分
Hand clipping into arm - Please help!
So I decided to make a male character for a change earlier, I noticed that when I strafe to the right (D key), the right hand clips up into the arm, and it glitches really weirdly. I don't use any mods that alter the male's skeleton/body other than textures. I do use the "Live another life" mod, but I doubt that would be the cause. Right? This problem only occurs in third person, obviously.

I also tried doing a sexchange through the console with no luck. Unequipped everything, equipped different items, nothing worked. How can I fix this without having to disable all of my mods? (which would, again cause other problems in return)

If anyone can help me, please do! It's frustrating, and it just looks creepy. D:,XHPMhuV#0,XHPMhuV#1

Here are a few screenshots to give an idea of what happens.
Please, if anyone can, help this poor girl enjoy Skyrim again. ;-;
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