Glass Wizzard 2013. júl. 23. @ de. 2:24
Does anyone use the Player Physics mod?
I saw it on the nexus, the installation seems very simple but there are two files, a ScriptDragon file and a SKSE file.

Do I use them both or just one?
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Jogon 2013. júl. 23. @ de. 2:35 
You will need SKSE to run ScriptDragon. Quite a lot of mods need SKSE to run. If you are going to load these mods it will be worthwhile getting SKUI as well.
Glass Wizzard 2013. júl. 23. @ de. 2:53 
So your saying that I need to use BOTH the scriptdragon file and the SKSE file for the mod?

The mod comes with two files but doesn't say which one to use.
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Glass Wizzard 2013. júl. 23. @ de. 4:13 
Hey guys, since the nexus is down does anyone know where I can find this Player Physics mod?
cryptid hunter 2013. júl. 23. @ de. 7:03 
Glass Wizzard 2013. júl. 23. @ de. 7:15 
Probably, but since I can't access the Nexus I can't see it. Is it hosted anywhere else?
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