Razgraz 2013년 7월 21일 오후 11시 17분
Whats up with the skyrim nexus?
I made an account to download the mod manager, and the verification email hasnt arrived in my inbox yet. I've contacted support about this after making a new email, and they still wont reply. Its been well over a day now and Im still waiting...I cant make a new account because my email is already in use. Anybody else having the same issue? Is it just me?
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Jogon 2013년 7월 22일 오전 12시 59분 
Nexus has been having some issues with a DOS attack just lately. Do not know if they have the problem fixed yet.
Razgraz 2013년 7월 22일 오전 10시 20분 
Oh, thanks.
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