Soulflame 2013年7月21日上午7:00
skyrim crash entering volkihar castle
So I already played dawnguard once without any problems, but now I started playing it again and during the loading screen of castle volkihar skyrim crashes. The first time I enter the loading screen takes too long and then I get a crash. The 2and 3,4,5,... time I want to enter I get the loading screen for a second or 2 and then I get ctd.
I already changed my sound, disabled mods, reinstalled skyrim, did the steam cashe thing, lowered my graphics and disabled my antivirus. I already asked bethesda tech support but they keep asking the same questions :(
Kan someone PLEASE help me I haven't been able to actually play skyrim in a long time.

Ok I found out, go to documents/my games/ skyrim and remove by copying or deleting all your save files (it's also possible you have to remove the entire skyrim folder in 'my games' and then run steam cashe).
Then start skyrim, play the game until you get to the part of entering the castle and then it should work, if it does, quit the game and put all your saves back in and voila.
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Awakened Mage 2013年9月29日下午1:07 
This is precisely what's been happening to me, please help.
Klesley77 2013年9月29日下午1:31 
Check your mods. Sometimes when you have some certain mods it can cause crashes to happen during gameplay or even loading screens. The unofficial Dawnguard Patch can cause crashes. If you have it try uninstalling it to see if that helps.

Let know what you did to fix the issue.
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Awakened Mage 2013年9月29日下午1:46 
are there any other mod that you know of that conflict with dawngaurd?
Klesley77 2013年9月29日下午7:23 
yeah the dragonborn and heartfire patches can interfere if you do not have those dlc.
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