Phoenx 2013年7月21日上午5:48
Can I import my old savegames?
I have played Skyrim on the computer of my brother and I want to copy my savegames and use them in steam? Is this possible in any way, because I have a lot of the story done and I am already around lvl 50 so I don't want to do everything again.
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BakaKemono 2013年7月21日上午6:22 
You can move them between computers. The saves are located in
..\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves
Phoenx 2013年7月21日上午6:46 
i have an additional question:
does that unlock the achievements or do I have to play Skyrim again to get the achievements?

p.s. thanks for the fast answer
Wario 2013年7月21日上午7:00 
The achievements are linked to the account so you need to get them again
Phoenx 2013年7月21日上午8:11 
okay, good thing the story is worth playing it more than one time ^^
thank you
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