Sunli 2013年7月21日上午2:00
Skyrim is showing in 3D for me
Hi, I updated my graphics driver and after that skyrim is in 3D! I do not want that, how do I turn that off? It is annoying not be able to play because the game is double vision :(
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Sunli 2013年7月21日上午5:01 
Mahrtin 2013年7月21日上午5:17 
Tried googling it? Some people seem to have the same problem
Start > All programs > nVidia Corporation > 3d vision > Disable 3d vision

Just assuming you have a card from nVidia
SirWulfric 2013年7月21日上午6:26 
Yeah, I had this problem on my nVidia card, drove me mad!
MiBz0r 2013年7月21日上午6:27 
I've never heard of this happening O_o
Sunli 2013年7月21日上午9:07 
notMiceElf; I will try that, thank you :)
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