The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

HotShot 2013年7月20日下午1:10
Problems after language change
So I changed my steam language to my native lang. Skyrim downloaded some files. Then I switched it back to English, since I prefer it that way. Now my Skyrim is half english and half polish (polish being dawnguard and dragonborn dlcs). Is it possible for me to delete that polish part without reinstalling the game?
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HotShot 2013年7月20日下午1:45 
Tewor 2013年7月20日下午4:44 
Try to verify game cache. Not a full game will be reinstaled, but size of "upgrade" depend on files that remain from polish localization
HotShot 2013年7月20日下午4:55 
Nah, didn't work, was the first thing I actually tried :/
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