DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日下午12:52
What was/is your hardest quest in Skyrim??
Has anyone had difficulties completing any quests?? Lets have a discussion :)
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Sesh 2013年7月20日下午1:12 
I did the Meridia's beacon quest too early and got entirely wiped out by two of the bosses frost spells (I was a Nord).

It was something that I didn't see coming because all of the fights were pretty easy up until the boss.
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bigsmoke17 2013年7月20日下午1:13 
Yeah me too but i Started the Quest frome Azura with Level 4 or 5
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日下午1:14 
i don't think i done Meridia's beacon quest, please explain more :)
Sesh 2013年7月20日下午1:15 
引用自 serena_01
i don't think i done Meridia's beacon quest, please explain more :)

Find her beacon out in the world (it's random) or find mount Kilikreath near Solitude.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日下午1:15 
About 15-20 mins i visited the temple of Azura
Sesh 2013年7月20日下午1:15 
Inside the Star is also a very hard fight (lots of Dremora, which are pretty rare normally).
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日下午1:18 
at first my hardest quest was probably finding dragon records and wiping out Elven's (i think thats her name) area.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日下午1:19 
my last quest i recently finished was finding the staff of magus, it was hard
Sesh 2013年7月20日下午1:20 
The woman's name was probably Elenwyn
Sesh 2013年7月20日下午1:20 
Most quests involving the Dragon Priests are also really hard.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日下午1:20 
yes something like that :)
Sesh 2013年7月20日下午1:22 
The first time I fought Alduin was also fairly hard (lvl 23). His basic attack was easy to recover from but his shouts really hurt.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日下午1:22 
Actually having dragonrend as a shout really helps when you're trying to attack them because i think it traps their soul or something. Not entirly sure
I've Consumed Semen Before 2013年7月20日下午1:24 
Sesh 2013年7月20日下午1:25 
Falmer at level 7 also really hurt, I was sent to a cave by the companions, it was my second random mission and I had never encountered Falmer before, my first mission was fairly easy, just had to intimidate Faendal, the second mission caught me completely off guard.
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