DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日 12時52分
What was/is your hardest quest in Skyrim??
Has anyone had difficulties completing any quests?? Lets have a discussion :)
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Sesh 2013年7月20日 13時12分 
I did the Meridia's beacon quest too early and got entirely wiped out by two of the bosses frost spells (I was a Nord).

It was something that I didn't see coming because all of the fights were pretty easy up until the boss.
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bigsmoke17 2013年7月20日 13時13分 
Yeah me too but i Started the Quest frome Azura with Level 4 or 5
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日 13時14分 
i don't think i done Meridia's beacon quest, please explain more :)
Sesh 2013年7月20日 13時15分 
serena_01 の投稿を引用:
i don't think i done Meridia's beacon quest, please explain more :)

Find her beacon out in the world (it's random) or find mount Kilikreath near Solitude.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日 13時15分 
About 15-20 mins i visited the temple of Azura
Sesh 2013年7月20日 13時15分 
Inside the Star is also a very hard fight (lots of Dremora, which are pretty rare normally).
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日 13時18分 
at first my hardest quest was probably finding dragon records and wiping out Elven's (i think thats her name) area.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日 13時19分 
my last quest i recently finished was finding the staff of magus, it was hard
Sesh 2013年7月20日 13時20分 
The woman's name was probably Elenwyn
Sesh 2013年7月20日 13時20分 
Most quests involving the Dragon Priests are also really hard.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日 13時20分 
yes something like that :)
Sesh 2013年7月20日 13時22分 
The first time I fought Alduin was also fairly hard (lvl 23). His basic attack was easy to recover from but his shouts really hurt.
DragonWarrior 2013年7月20日 13時22分 
Actually having dragonrend as a shout really helps when you're trying to attack them because i think it traps their soul or something. Not entirly sure
Dimitri Krotchlikmeof 2013年7月20日 13時24分 
Sesh 2013年7月20日 13時25分 
Falmer at level 7 also really hurt, I was sent to a cave by the companions, it was my second random mission and I had never encountered Falmer before, my first mission was fairly easy, just had to intimidate Faendal, the second mission caught me completely off guard.
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