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|TUS| DinoBear 2013年7月20日 10時33分
Skyrim won't start.
I just bought this game, and I have a problem: When I hit "play" on the launch menu screen, the menu closes and nothing happens.
I re-installed the game again and again, but the glitch keeps happening. I tried verify integrity of game files. I always get error that 1 file is missing and that it will be downloaded again but nothing ever happens.
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The Dark Knight 2013年7月20日 10時38分 
i have the exact same problem, if someone could help that would be great, is it the ledgenadry edition you got aswell?
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|TUS| DinoBear 2013年7月20日 10時40分 
I just got the base game.
The Dark Knight 2013年7月20日 10時42分 
aw ok i read a thing about going into data files and putting the launch in a certain order ie


but i only have
Dragonborn.esm and os would appear the actual game didnt download only the dlc's haha
i have done the same as you and verified it etc

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disconnect 2013年7月20日 10時42分 
it isn't starts for me either, at settings the screen resolutions dropdown is empty... If i try to start the game, then it writes "failed to initialize, the selected resolution is not supported" if i select windowed mode, it is populated with resolutions, but if i try to play with it "failed to initialize, windowed mode not supported by this adapter"...
The Dark Knight 2013年7月20日 10時44分 
mine just doesnt load as if i have pressed exit , no errors come up or anything, i have had the exact same problem with terraria and it still isnt working
Hellikandra 2013年7月20日 10時58分 
☹ somtimes Skyrim don't start if you install a new workshop items :s.
Maybe just unselected some items and tests again
The Dark Knight 2013年7月20日 11時00分 
you mean in data files ??
ffwd 2013年7月20日 11時07分 
Do you have any mods installed? Try turn them off
|TUS| DinoBear 2013年7月20日 11時08分 
Naevis の投稿を引用:
☹ somtimes Skyrim don't start if you install a new workshop items :s.
Maybe just unselected some items and tests again
The only thing other than the base game I have downloaded is the Texture pack from the steam store, which I just got. It hasn't seemed to have changed anything.
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The Dark Knight 2013年7月20日 11時29分 
ihave no mods just bought the game 1 hour ago ,and wont start, installed fine no problems, i get to the first game screen where, play data files etc are, click play and nothing happens , as if i clicked exit, i am currently re-downloading /installing it from steam
|TUS| DinoBear 2013年7月20日 13時15分 
I re-installed, and I'm still haveing the problem.
The Dark Knight 2013年7月20日 13時20分 
DinoBear の投稿を引用:
I re-installed, and I'm still haveing the problem.
same mate i have messageed steam on the support site, i will post here when / if i get a fix

BADKATT 2013年7月20日 13時23分 
What GPU have you got?
The Dark Knight 2013年7月20日 14時37分 
nvidia geforce 550 ti
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BADKATT 2013年7月20日 14時40分 
Delete HD texture pack (datafiles on start screen) then try again
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