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maybe 14 lug 2013, ore 11:39
Oculus Rift Support?
Any plans about this? Or am I gonna keep dreaming?
( I don't want to use third party drivers etc )
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Kabacus 14 lug 2013, ore 11:47 
I very much doubt it. Beth have announced they are not doing anything more for Skyrim and I would imagine you would have to edit the code which would (break your EULA and) stop it working on Steam.
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Solaries 14 lug 2013, ore 14:49 
There will never be official support, but there are already patches for it for compatibility and videos of the game being played with it.
Dahbirdman 14 lug 2013, ore 16:15 
Playing Skrim with the rift would be awesome!
Foulplay 18 set, ore 2:19 
Try the VorpX software, apparently they have added DK2 positional tracking, I just purchased it and downloading Skyrim again.
Ilja 18 set, ore 2:23 
It would be nice to play Skyrim wis Oculus rift, but - as noted above - it isn't currenlty supported. Here is a pretty good video about it.
Foulplay 18 set, ore 14:22 
Messaggio originale di Ilja:
It would be nice to play Skyrim wis Oculus rift, but - as noted above - it isn't currenlty supported. Here is a pretty good video about it.

It's not supported officially, however VorpX has it supported as the only game so far with positional tracking implemented.

Could be a few issues causing this guys headaches:

He may not have configured the IPD correctly, or even at all. This can be really bad if you get it wrong.
The 3D strength may have been set too high in VorpX
This could be his first 3D or Rift experience which takes a little time to get used to.
The movement speed or locomotion could be making him motion sick (HL2 is very guilty of this)
He may not have set the Rift to 75hz 1080 V-Sync enabled, and if you have less than 75 FPS constently you get stuttering, lag and smearing/motion blur which cause sickness. 75hz is where the DK2 enables Low Persistence mode, which only displays full-frame images and discards those with tearing or blur.

Or it could just be that the game doesn't translate very well to VR which would be quite sad.

So far I've played the VR versions of HL2 VR Mod 1.4 for Razer Hydra (not to be confused with the Valve VR implementation) Quake 2 and used VorpX with Borderlands 2, and I've been really impressed; and more importantly really comfortable for hours.

I've also tried Elite Dangerous and Life For Speed and they are awesome.
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MoOoOo 9 dic, ore 10:33 
Do I need vorpX to run Skyrim on Oculus DK2 ?
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