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Hellsing 2013年7月8日 2時26分
mod question
ok i know there most likely isnt but is there a mod to improve framerate? or a enb that doesnt reduce performance
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Bread Miku 2013年7月8日 2時31分 
Just search the nexus for perfomance. You will find some mods and tuts to gain FPS.
Jogon 2013年7月8日 2時32分 
Try Nexus Ultimate Light Overhaul.
Hellsing 2013年7月8日 3時47分 
alright ill look into it thanks :D
Bob 2013年7月8日 3時56分 
Make sure you review any MOD you're installing. Especially ENB's (particularly lighting MODS). Just a word of caution. ;)
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