Sesh 2013年7月6日下午1:14
Male or Female
Are you personally male or female? Which do you play as? These are two seperate questions.
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Source 2 when? 2013年7月6日下午1:15 
both, one female imperial, male nord and male khajiit
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Stania 2013年7月6日下午1:19 
I'm a female, but I almost always play as a male.
Hailey 2013年7月6日下午1:21 
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Mr. Crumpet 2013年7月6日下午1:22 
Imperial Male, Playing as a female when i decide to start again though ;)
stabbykitteh 2013年7月6日下午1:24 
Female. I play both.
Hellsing 2013年7月6日下午1:32 
im male and i play as both but i play more as female now with a new mod i have
Sesh 2013年7月6日下午1:33 
I actually expected this thread to be ignored, thanks for the answers.
Gorsondor 2013年7月6日下午1:35 
Nord werewolf male, Orc male, Bosmer vampire male, High Elf male.
voltcheck 2013年7月6日下午1:37 
3/4ths of all my charachter's are male's. the 1/4th is usually a female in skimpy armor or something.
5€(+|_|/v\§3(\/)|*|24 2013年7月6日下午1:42 
female, play male
InfernoElf 2013年7月6日下午1:50 
I'm female but I always play as a male, and an elf. It's just a preference I've had across many of the games I've played.

It's just something that I love to do. I love the men of Mer.
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Annuin 2013年7月6日下午1:53 
Female playing female.
ScreaminEagle85 2013年7月6日下午1:58 
I use male Khajiit....or as i like to call him, SNEAKY KHAJIIT.....ask sneaky khajiit anything and he will answer...from the shadows...OoooooOOOo....!
FurryGuyJeans 2013年7月6日下午2:14 
Yes (am I male or female), and I play both genders as fits the character. Since I generally play against type I have big brawny orcs being sneak thief assassins and skinny no-muscle characters be melee tanks.
Maloy20 2013年7月6日下午2:17 
To me it seems like the people who I know are guys avoided answering what their real gender is either intentionally or unintentionally

I am a male and I play a male
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