/AxC\ Andy Warhol'd (Illuminati) 2013年7月5日下午10:44
[BUG] I'm Leveling too fast.
I recently started a new character, everything was going fine but after like 10 hours of gameplay my character was taking 6 levels by 6. If someone could help me, it would be very appreciated. This bug's really ruining my game pleasure.
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FireStar20 2013年7月5日下午10:51 
Ya know i had thought that my character was leveling to fast but urs is crazy
fran25 2013年7月5日下午10:53 
you level fast in the begining and then it slows this is not a bug but how the game woks. There is a mod to Level Fast I did not think it still worked but try to make sure you do not have that on your machine.

Also the difficulty level makes you level faster. A novice player levels slower than a legendary one. Your problem as all the problems I have had is probably in a mod.
/AxC\ Andy Warhol'd (Illuminati) 2013年7月5日下午10:58 
I'm level 53 and i played about 15 hours in expert...
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/AxC\ Andy Warhol'd (Illuminati) 2013年7月5日下午11:01 
The only mods i've installed are, 2k textures, Jaysus swords, cloaks of skyrim, ENB, SkyUI and the one that makes Whiterun better. I also own Heartfire, Dawnguard and dragonborn.
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