/AxC\ Andy Warhol'd (Illuminati) 2013년 7월 5일 오후 10시 44분
[BUG] I'm Leveling too fast.
I recently started a new character, everything was going fine but after like 10 hours of gameplay my character was taking 6 levels by 6. If someone could help me, it would be very appreciated. This bug's really ruining my game pleasure.
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FireStar20 2013년 7월 5일 오후 10시 51분 
Ya know i had thought that my character was leveling to fast but urs is crazy
fran25 2013년 7월 5일 오후 10시 53분 
you level fast in the begining and then it slows this is not a bug but how the game woks. There is a mod to Level Fast I did not think it still worked but try to make sure you do not have that on your machine.

Also the difficulty level makes you level faster. A novice player levels slower than a legendary one. Your problem as all the problems I have had is probably in a mod.
/AxC\ Andy Warhol'd (Illuminati) 2013년 7월 5일 오후 10시 58분 
I'm level 53 and i played about 15 hours in expert...
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/AxC\ Andy Warhol'd (Illuminati) 2013년 7월 5일 오후 11시 01분 
The only mods i've installed are, 2k textures, Jaysus swords, cloaks of skyrim, ENB, SkyUI and the one that makes Whiterun better. I also own Heartfire, Dawnguard and dragonborn.
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