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oO Para Oo 2013年7月5日 12時06分
Game is boring. Explain it too me.
Iv tried and tried to get into it. The characters are still and lifeless, the comabt is uuterlly utterly dreadful and bland. What am i missing? why so many good reviews I dont get it. What is it about this game people like? what am i missing here?

I really enjoyed oblivion, it was cool, the missions in skyrim are all super boring, even the dungeons in skyrim are bland with poor graphics, seen 1 you have seen em all.
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fran25 2013年7月5日 12時08分 
Don't play it if you don't like that is the simple answer. This game as all games is not for everyone. I have bought games I did not like.

The vast majority of people like it though
oO Para Oo 2013年7月5日 12時08分 
Yes so am asking what is it people like? i dont get it.
Gaming Miku 2013年7月5日 12時09分 
fran25 の投稿を引用:
Don't play it if you don't like that is the simple answer. This game as all games is not for everyone. I have bought games I did not like.

The vast majority of people like it though
Damn right.

OP you should check out the massive amount of mods out there at or Steamworkshop.
JKflipflop 2013年7月5日 12時12分 
Skyrim is one of the best games ever made. It's a sandbox for your imagination. If you have no imagination and instead need to be lead by the nose from point to point then it's probably not for you.
Sinego s progiba 2013年7月5日 12時13分 
Look pal, why the hell do you want explanations? People like the characters, they like exploration, they like missions, they like big open world and the freedom to do whatever you want, people like dragon shouts and a lot more. You see, your opinion doesn't matter in the slightest here, actually this whole thread is pointless because I see you have already set your mind on how dull this game is and so nothing will make you rethnk that. Just accept that people can like different things than you and get over yourself
fran25 2013年7月5日 12時13分 
I agree nighcore but this guy seems like he is probably a pure shooter fan. If someone is a pure shooter fan Skyrim is going to be hard to like because it is a thinking game as well as an action game. There are so many paths to travel and it is so open ended that you can do anything anytime you want.

To me that is the beauty of the game but I am an RPG fan. I have a shooter but I play it for a few minutes every once and a while.

The only reason I have a shooter is that I bought a game from Dell when I bought the computer.

Camper Strike (禁止済) 2013年7月5日 12時16分 
Here comes the fanboys. Brace yourself, OP.
Bob 2013年7月5日 12時21分 
There's so much to enjoy about this game, that I really can't list them all, but I'll try to give you just a few, and others may add to it.

I take my sweet time in this game, so my 450 plus hours on my profile, don't show much in achievements, but with the MODS installed, I'm simply fascinated by the scenery, scope, and the mundane of the game. It's a never ending game, so I don't care if it takes me 1,000 hours to get to where others are in only 400 or less hours. For me, it's not a race to do this or that in the fastest amount of time.

I could spend a couple of days chopping wood, collecting flowers, or doing some farming. So far, to date, no other RPG offers what this one does. :)
Gaming Miku 2013年7月5日 12時21分 
Lol i play fps as well and still enjoy skyrim. Maybe Op hasnt got the point of the game?
Sinego s progiba 2013年7月5日 12時25分 
oO Para Oo の投稿を引用:
Did you even read my post? I said I loved Oblivion ♥♥♥♥♥. The comabt is uttery dreadful in this game, in fact I would go as far as too say it is pathetic and has not evolved sine oblivion. There is nothing, exciting or wow in this game, its bascially the same monotone voices, wooden characters, same same same same doungeons.. explain to me why this a 10/10 a game, i would give it a 4/10 max.
"I think this game sucks and you guys should prove otherwise. Go ahead" Really? I mean, what's the point in this thread, OP?
Gaming Miku 2013年7月5日 12時25分 
I remeber ranting exactly the same to a freind. I tried the game myself and with a lot of mods game is more fun. You know you can add rifles, just sayin.
oO Para Oo 2013年7月5日 12時25分 
explain to me, whats different from mission 2 to say 200 hours in... same old same old?
Gaming Miku 2013年7月5日 12時26分 
Well isnt ervery game same old same old....
Bob 2013年7月5日 12時27分 
oO Para Oo の投稿を引用:
fetch this, go here, fetch this, kill this.. swipe move back, swipe move back, potion repeat. I dont get it.
Show me a RPG game that doesn't do that.
fran25 2013年7月5日 12時27分 
Again if you do not like the game do not play it. No one should have to prove to you that a game is good. If you like it that's great we are not your babysitter.

Go ask your Mom and Dad for help.
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