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mclarencj16 2013年7月4日 1時34分
Creation Kit Help Please
Does anybody know how to make a new class in the list of types of things you can smith?
I.E. There are Iron, Steel, Ebony, Ect. and I would like to know how to add to that list.
I've gone and created a new material and retextured a few armor sets to make it look like they were crafted out of the new metal and would like the armor sets to have there own catagory.
I've made the proper recipies and temper recipies the armor would use as well.
As of right now they appear in "Misc" section on list mentioned before.
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年7月4日 2時19分 
I think what you have to do is create a new Keyword. WeaponItemNewMetal. See the keywords to the right in the little box, when you are giving your weapon its ID?...

Look for Keywords in the main list on the left....

But if the forge recognises this new keyword, I'd have to look into it further, I'm just bit tired at mo sorry (as you might tell) :/
最近の変更は[KL] Master Dan [StormCats]が行いました; 2013年7月4日 2時20分
mclarencj16 2013年7月4日 8時04分 
Yes, I have tried that. It still places the item into the "Misc" catagory.
I was studying hothtrooper44's immersive armor mod .esp to find a difference or to see if they have something related to that because all of those items appear in an "Auxillary Armors" catagory.
mclarencj16 2013年7月4日 21時07分 
SO much help! Thanks!
Epathos 2014年2月3日 11時06分 
I read this guide threw and threw, but it does not explain on how to ADD a new catagory, not just change the names of the ones already there.
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