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Wobbleboo 28 giu 2013, ore 10:41
Skyrim resolutions
I recently bought skyrim and it detected all my settings and it was high, it gave me the highest resolution (1920x1080) but theres a bit a hiccup in the game. I used 1600x900 and the slight lag that bugged me is gone. But i want to try 1680x945 [letterbox]. I dont know that that letterbox part is and it wont let me choose that option because it wont work.

Is there a Solution to fix my Resolution
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pike 28 giu 2013, ore 10:46 
i use 16:9 letterbox 1680x945 , i add it as a custom resolution inn nvidia control panel 1st , tested it worked fine for my monitor , then added it , then set the ingame res to it in the options box for skyrim ,
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