[X]p[S] 2013. jún. 27. @ du. 7:23
Mouse pointer won't stay in Skyrim dual monitors
when I run Skyrim either in Windowed or full screen on my left monitor and look to the right with my mouse, my pointer just goes over into my other monitor.

anyone can help me pls
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Rake 2013. jún. 28. @ de. 11:39 
skyrim is very buggy in this way. Sorry but there is nothing you can do it's just the game
Shiestar 2014. jan. 1. @ du. 4:03 
BUMP. I've googled this also, and found no answer. My answer is to disconnect the 2nd monitor which is a pain, as I like to have GPU/CPU temps, my STEAM firends list and email open on second monitor so I can see what's happening.
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